We do videos. Big ones.

Let us introduce ourselfs

We are a team of experienced and creative designers. If you are looking for a professional video, you come in right place. We focus on videos for big urban screens. Also we can make other professional videos, like TV ads, presentations, explainers and others. Want to know more, what we can do for you? Contact us!




Video designer


Video designer

About Us

OKO FILMS is a brand under a team of creative designers. We listen to our clients and fulfill their requests as good as possible with the best quality.

We not only do videos, but if necessary can make a story line, explainer or a music clip.

We are located in beautiful harbor city Klaipėda in Lithuania. Usualy we deliver final products online, but for higher budget projects, we can come to your company located in any European country and be in the process, to film the video if nessesary.

Our Goals

Best quality

When we are working with any project, doesn’t matter is a simple one, or a big budget video – our goal is to make client happy with the final result. So we always seeking for the best quality of any projects we do.

On time

Time is money. And we understand that. So we respect deadlines and finish our projects on agreed time. If there is an extreem situation – we do it as soon as possible.

NO to limits

Our team can deal with many projects. Furthermore – if we cannot complete your project by ourselvs or if we don’t have enought resources to finish it – don’t worry, we will find who will. We collaborate with many freelancer video and graphic designers and other agencies, so we say NO to limits!

Our clients requests


Our Services

We focus on outdoor screens and bilboards video production. As well we can mediate between you and outdoor video streaming companies in Denmark, Sweeden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. You can find a map of outdoor video screens - billboards on our page below.

Short outdoor videos

We will make you a professional outdoor video ad for big screens. You already have a video, but it doesn't fit to big screens? No problem, we will adapt it to any big or small resolution screen.

Usualy outdoor video ads length is beween 10 to 30 seconds. The point is to show the message in few words or pictures.

Professional videos

If your need a professional video ad for TV of other media, we will gladly help with that. Just send all the requirements and a story line and we will make it.

Even if it is a non standart project - you are very welcome to contact us and we will do our best to help you!


If there is a demand, we can mediate between your and video streeming companies.

We will find you the best price on the area. There are many different LED billboard screens all over the Europe. Probably you have seen one in your city. Our task is to find ones which suits your service or product the best.

Outdoor Screens Map

Click on the map below

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

Henry Ford

Our Pricing

Prices are only approximate. Usualy video quality and many other aspects depends on your budget. Please remember to writte budget of your video project in the request form.

€ 49


  • Simple billboard video up to 10 s. (no sound)
  • or Simple video adaptation
  • or Adding text for your given video
  • Consulting

€ 99


  • Standart billboard video 10 to 15 s. (no sound)
  • or Middle-complex adaptation
  • or Adding audio backgroud to your video
  • Consulting

€ 199


  • Professional billboard video up to 30 s.
  • Information about advertising in local video billboards
  • Consulting

Some fun facts

We are passionate with making videos. Sometimes happens, that we spend late nights doing it. And drink a loooot of coffee...


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