Your Business Can’t Afford to Skip Video Advertising. Here’s Why.

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Creating Videos Might be the World’s Most Effective Marketing Strategy

Any marketer worth their job title knows the importance of making an impact. The real question is how best to establish a rapport and send a message that truly resonates with diverse audiences.

There are many different schools of thought on what makes the most effective marketing strategy. The one thing that nobody can dispute, however, is that video advertising plays an integral role in growing a brand’s footprint.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a local brick-and-mortar or a growing conglomerate whose brand aesthetic consists of a trendy cloud-based service menu. Regardless who you are, you need to make Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube advertising a part of your strategy. Check out these five practical reasons why.

1. You Can Say More in the Same Space

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos represent an exponential growth in value. Low budget video ads that include humor, striking imagery and repetitive motifs are more interesting than a wall of text or a static photo. They also have more replay value than other ads, so they often make more sense from an expenditure standpoint.

Making Consumers Feel Something

Connecting with people is all about emotional marketing. Regardless which kind of sentiment you’re trying to evoke, it’s much easier to touch people with video advertising. It only takes a second to convey a feeling, and video empowers you to construct subtle narratives that imbue your products or services with real emotional resonance.

2. YouTube Advertising Gets Your Brand Exposure

Although YouTube and other digital platforms are commonly referred to as “New Media,” they’ve already proven their worth to marketers. Statistics show that:

  • At least 3 billion video views get monetized, or paired with ads, on a weekly basis,
  • Users watch more than 4 billion videos daily, and
  • Tens of millions of independent websites feature embedded YouTube players.

Making Contact With Content

What do these figures mean in simple terms? Not every one of your YouTube ad views will lead to a conversion, but you can easily make up for a limited success rate with quantity.

True, accurate targeting is still important, but billions of people have proven willing to watch pre- and mid-roll video advertising. When it comes to finding the most effective marketing strategy, it’s hard to deny the power of creating your own YouTube content or promoting your brand to other content creators’ fan bases.

3. The Most Effective Video Ads Work Anywhere

In your quest for video marketing dominance, you may ask yourself: Should I advertise on a digital platform or via more traditional means? Many of the most effective video ads solve this quandary by doing both.

Choosing Your Weapon of Outreach

One 2015 survey found that 41 percent of ad agencies felt that television and online video ads were equally effective. On the other hand, a different study from around the same period found that TV was still more impactful. What many observers seem to overlook, however, is the clear message that regardless which medium is currently on top, video is always winning.

The most effective video ads leverage air time on whichever forms of media cater to their target demographics. Low budget video ads can even serve as anchors that keep people engaged as they transition from watching content on their mobile devices to using their TV subscriptions.

4. Human Brains Are Primed for Visual Content

Although estimates on the specific figures vary, a significant portion of the human brain works to process visual information. With the right creative direction, your low budget video ads and YouTube advertising could help you tap into these phenomena and cater to your audiences’ natural cognitive inclinations.

5. Attention Spans Are Getting Shorter

People don’t have time to sit around and wait to be wowed by your marketing content. That’s why some of the most effective video ads make a huge impact right off the bat regardless whether it’s related to their actual message or the products they’re selling.

Researchers have pinned the human attention span at a measly eight seconds thanks to our modern world of technological overload. We’re willing to bet that you may have even tuned out to check your phone in the middle of reading this post. Fortunately, you haven’t hurt our feelings: We still want to devise the most effective marketing strategy for your business.

Want to learn more about how YouTube advertising, native video advertising and low budget video ads can redefine the way you market? We’re experts at conceptualizing, executing and deploying the world’s most effective video ads, and we’d love to help you next. Talk to an OKO Films content manager to do more with your outreach budget.

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